Crack TOEFL In 3 days

How I scored 115 out of 120 in the Internet TOEFL - with just 3 days of preparation..

3 Days to TOEFL ..

It was a surprise .. and not a pleasant one when I got my GMAT and TOEFL dates.The GMAT date was just two days before my TOEFL exam.

Just three days (actually two !!) to prepare for TOEFL.

It continues like this:
GMAT took all the time and I saw what TOEFL was all about for the first time on 28th evening.
Next two days, with a full time job and I gave the TOEFL.

However, what I had done was that I had planned what I would do for the two days that I have - strategic, focussed and to the point.

I have put all that I did on this blog...

Day 1: Concentrated on Reading and Listening (on subsequent blogs) - 4 hours preparation

Day 2: Concentrated on Writing and Speaking (on subsequent blogs) - 4 hours preparation

Day 3: Familiarize with the test and RELAX ! (my best part) - 2 hours preparation+ lots of relaxation

(Maybe I can rename this blog - crack Toefl in 10 hours !!)

I have tried to make the blog simple (seriously, just how many pages can 3 days of preparation give you !) - along with a few pages for tips and links.
Hope to make this blog as a crash course of preparation for TOEFL - esp. for the Internet based Toefl or the iTOEFL.

I will be constantly updating the pages with the comments/ emails - so keep visting and mailing me any comments.

Maybe this helps in short-circuiting the process ...

Happy TOEFL-ing,

Statutory Warning: This blog contains only my views and what I did for my TOEFL preparation. The recommendations worked for me (means - take your own pick on whether they will work for you !!) . All tips are those which I used in my preparation. English may not be my native language, however I have studied it extensively in academics.